Artist-In-Residency Programs

To succeed today and in the future, America’s children will need to be inventive, resourceful, and imaginative.
– President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities: Reinvesting in Arts Education, 2011

ISCA sponsored Artist-In-Residency programs bring professional artists into local schools exposing students to professional-level art and careers in the arts. The Artist-In-Residency program provides students intimate interaction with artists, hands-on experience and special knowledge of the particular art field.

ISCA Artist-in-Education Residency Program

Since 2013 the Island School Council for the Arts has proudly sponsored the Educational Outreach for the Public Art Exhibition on Hilton Head, bringing the internationally recognized artists and the community students together.

Wednesday, September 26:
Install at airport with  Alicia Eggert:
3 International students, Art Teacher Jerri Paulter, and House parent from Heritage Academy from 9-11am
Install at Honey Horn:
Dividing up into teams of 4-6 and working with  artists Edward Miller,  Mattias Neuman, William Bennett,  Charlie Brouwer, and Casey Schachner
30 students and art teacher from Hilton Head High School will work from 9-11:30am
30 different students and same teacher from Hilton Head High School will work from 1-3:30
ISCA funded Artist Residency at Bluffton High School  fine arts department with Christopher Weed 9:00-11:30am.
Thursday, September 27:
Install at Honey Horn
 8-10 advanced art students from Bluffton High School working with  William Bennett,  Mattias Neuman,  and Casey Schachner from 9-11:30am
8:45am-10:45am: ISCA funded Artist Residency at Hilton Head Elementary School with  Charlie Brouwer for 4th and 5th grade arts classes approximately 250 kids and teachers
12-2:30pm: ISCA funded Artist Residency at Hilton Head Elementary School for the Creative Arts with Casey Schachner for 7-4th grade classes and their teachers approximately 132 students
They will have 40 minute sessions in 3 different groups to have a more intimate discussion with the artist.
10:00am-1:30pm: ISCA funded Artist residency at Hilton Head High School with Alicia Eggert for two separate 3-D Art classes  with approimately 30 students each.She will conduct a sign making workshop with El wire to make small glowing and/or flashing signs.
Bluffton High School:
ISCA will fund a tour of the exhibition
Hilton Head Elementary School for the Creative Arts:
ISCA  funded busses and guided tours October 25th for 139 students and their teachers.
Students wrote persuasive letters to the Island Packet and Town Council about the importance of Art in the Public Realm. ISCA will frame several of these letters in the Woods Community Room for the month of January
Hilton Head Elementary School:
ISCA will fund bus and  guided tour October 9th for the 43 Artistically Gifted & Talented 4th and 5th graders with their teachers
Students will then create and sketch their own designs for a Public Art Sculpture. ISCA will frame and display these designs at the  Woods Community Room in Arts Center of Coastal Carolina for the month of January.
The students will then continue to explore Public Art by creating prototypes of their designs with found objects such as beach trash. Eventually leading to a large scale project down the road with help from multiple organizations.

September 28-29, 2017 students at H.E. McCracken Middle School, Heritage Academy, Hilton Head Island Middle School, Hilton Head Island High School, Hilton Head Elementary School, Hilton Head Chrisitan Academy, and Hilton Head Preparatory School, Island Academy, and May River High School received a once in a  lifetime opportunity to participate in masterclasses, audition workshops, rehearse and perform with award winning Broadway Actor, Filmmaker, Director, and Author: Andrew Keenan-Bolger!!

September 16, 2016 students at Bluffton High School, Hilton Head Island High School, Hilton Head School for the Creative Arts, Hilton Head Chrisitan Academy, and Hilton Head Preparatory School will have the once in a  lifetime opportunity to participate in masterclasses taught by these award winning working artists:

Hilary Maiberger, MA in Vocal Performance with credits: International and National tour of Beauty and the Beast

Chris Miller, MFA in Music Composition, with credits: Tuck Everlasting, The Burnt Part Boys, Fugitive Songs  and recipient of the Fred Ebb Award

Jennie Begley, Complexions Contemporary Dance Company, credits: National and International Tour, Capetown Ballet, and So You Think You Can Dance

1300 students at Hilton Head Island High School were treated to two special performances of BECOMING HARRIET TUBMAN written and performed by Beaufort Storyteller: Natailie Daise. 

Public Art Inspires even the youngest students. Several students wrote persuasive letters to our newspaper, The Island Packet written by 3rd grade students. ISCA funded a filed trip for 171 3rd grade students and 9 teachers  from Hilton Head Island Elementary School for the Creative Arts to have a guided tour of the 2015 Public Art Exhibition.

Public Art Exhibition

To Island Packet,

It’s important to go to see the Public Art Exhibition because it can remind you of things like feelings, your family members, colors, and animals.

My favorite sculpture was by Michael Shewmaker.  It was shiny and tall.  It was silver and it made me feel “sqiggled up.”  It is like the color of water.  It’s like when you look in a mirror and have two faces.  If you are sad and miss someone then you can look at the sculpture and you think about the person.  You can see that person in your heart and create something in your mind about what you think the sculpture is.

Crissty Pena

Third Grade Student – Age 8

Hilton Head School for Creative Arts

Another great letter:

Need For Public Art

Dear Island Packet,

We need art! We need art for everyone. I like public sculptures. I know this not from taking surveys, but our class went to Honey Horn. (Honey Horn is kind of like an art museum for kids.) Everyone seemed to like all the paintings and sculptures. All of us kids need to see art and/or sculptures to inspire us. Grownups even like art. They might like it because they might think it’s creative. Without public art no one would be able to see famous artists and their paintings, like Leonardo Divinci and The Mona Lisa. No one would be able to see that. Without public art there would be no art museums.  Life would be dull and not inspiring.

My favorite sculpture was by David Teng-Olsen.  The sculpture he made was a van.  I liked the van very much. I liked it because it was colorful and creative.  It reminds me of the Scooby Doo van.  When David Teng-Olsen came to our school to talk about his sculpture he showed pictures of his van.  He told us that his parents had owned that van since he was born.  That is another reason I like the van.

Michelle Ocampo

Third Grade student

Hilton Head School for the Creative Arts

One more:

Island Packet,

Everyone should be allowed to see art shows and learn about art.  It is fun to look at sculptures and use your imagination.  Art can be anything when you use your imagination.

My favorite sculpture was by Nam Le.  His sculpture looked like a spiral.  It had triangles on the outside.  It looked like an anaconda.  It was small.  Then it got big and then it got small.  It looked like a cave.  It looked like tree branches curved over.  It looked like a gate or a curved door.

It looked like lots of things.  I used my imagination!

Gabriella Grace Jimenez

Third Grade student – Age 8

Hilton Head School for Creative Arts

 Illinois artist, Jeff Boshart-Monday, September 28-Thursday, October 1, 2015 


Island School Council for the Arts connected 15 students from Hilton Head Christian Academy with sculptor, Jeff Boshart to help build and install his 20’x20’x20′ iron scum;lpture at Honey Horn Plantation for the 2015 Public Art exhibition.

Hilton Head Christian Academy Students learned so many valuable skills from the installation process with Jeff Boshart.

ISCA then brought Jeff to HE McCracken Middle School to work with 90 students for a 2 1/2 hour hands on workshop creating a scaled sculpture made of balsa wood inspired by his piece.

 Internationally recognized artist, Dave Teng Olsen- September 30, 2015 

Island School Council for the Arts funded professional artist, Bio-Engineer, world traveller, and Wellesley College Professor, Dave Teng Olsen to present his artistic experiences and inspirations to 171 third grade students at the Hilton Head Island Elementary School for the Creative Arts.

Savannah based artist, Jerome Meadows-October 21-22, 2013
Island School Council for the Arts funded Savannah based artist Jerome Meadows Artist in Education Residency at four local schools! Heritage Academy, Saint Francis, Hilton Head island Elementary, and Hilton Head Island High School students listened to Jerome Meadows presentation of the “Ever Expanding Landscape of the Creative Mind” on October 21st and 22nd.

North Carolina based artist, Allison Luce-October 7-8, 2013

ISCA brought North Carolina based artist, Allison Luce back to Bluffton High School for Phase 2 of her multi-phase residency.North Carolina artist Allison Luce to work with 300 students and teachers in Tim Holsinger’s ceramics classroom. Luce is part of the 2013 Public Art Exhibition and ISCA’s educational outreach, which brings artist residencies to six Beaufort County schools. The program is provided by the Island School Council for the Arts, in partnership with the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry. Luce will work with students at Bluffton High to create 300 textured tiles for a Lowcountry-themed wall installation to be placed at the entrance to the school’s arts wing in February 2014.

North Carolina based artist Allison Luce-September 18-20, 2013

ISCA brought North Carolina based artist to the Bluffton High School Auditorium to lecture the art students and prepare them for her return residency October 7-8, 2013. In October Allison will design and help create with the students their very own piece of Public Art as a wall installation at Bluffton High School. She also worked with three students on her installation of Ancient Expanse for the 2013 Public Art Exhibition.

New York based artist Megan Mosholder-September 16-20, 2013

ISCA is a Silver Sponsor of the 2013 Public Art Exhibition in partnership with the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry. ISCA provides and funds the educational outreach for this exhibition bringing the artist directly into the schools and providing opportunities for the students to work directly with the artist during the installation process. New York based artist Megan Mosholder worked with the art students of the Hilton Head Christian Academy.

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago – January 15-18, 2013

The Arts Center of Coastal Carolina presented Hubbard Street, a nationally acclaimed contemporary dance company, for a series of education, community and public events. ISCA partnered with the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina in sponsoring school residencies along with performance tickets for several classes. Another partnership with the Beaufort County School District included shared expenses for an arts integrated professional development workshop for Beaufort County teachers on January 18. This program reached approximately 1,000 students and educators across Beaufort County.

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