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ISCA’s partnerships with other arts organizations and local businesses are essential in the support and sustainability of arts education in our schools. This community effort and endorsement is a critical component in furthering and fulfilling our mission.

We proudly recognize and thank all of our ISCA partners:


 ISCA’s annual fundraiser, An Evening of the Arts represents the primary source of funding for ISCA programs

which are integral to the success of enhancing and enriching arts education in our schools.

 35th An Evening of the Arts on Saturday, September 30, 2017 


  • ANNIVERSARY ~ $3500

Kathy and Bob Eberly ~Tami and Rich Speer ~ Eberly/Garniewicz Family ~ Patti and David Maurer ~ Greenwell Family Foundation/Marc Stuckart


Karis Art Gallery

  • MODERN ~ $1000

Hilton Head Island Community Church~ Arts Center Of Coastal Carolina

  • BAROQUE ~ $500

The Jazz Corner ~ Opal and Hans Abbink ~ Oak Advisors ~ Coastal Homes ~ Jenny and John Zmarzly ~ Palmetto Electric Cooperative~ McNair Law Firm ~

Peggy and Frank Oldham ~ Karen and Buck Edwards

  • ROMANTIC ~ $250

Outpatient Surgery Center of Hilton Head ~ Tara and Brett Warthen ~ Mary Dunn- Wyatt ~ Malarkey Studios/Mark Larkin


Char and Barnaby Page ~ Coastal Plains Insurance of the Lowcountry ~ Kim and Randy Kord ~ Nancy and Bill Eisenman ~ Connie and Jerry Voight ~ Trisch Heichel ~ Debbie and Bill Miles ~ Janice Creech ~ Four Corners Gallery ~ Salon 5200 ~ Mary Lester ~ Plufff Mudd Art Gallery ~ Red Piano Art Gallery ~ SOBA ~ Quinnette and Anthony Mathias ~ Gillian and David Morrison ~ Carolyn and Ronald Ringler ~ Leslie Derrer ~ Juliann Bluitt ~ Elizabeth Hancock ~ Judith and Walter Neilson


  34th An Evening of the Arts on Saturday, September 17, 2016 


  • MODERN ~ $1000

Coastal Pediatric Dentistry, LLC ~ Meg and Robert Eberly III ~ Lara and Chris Garniewicz ~ Pattie and Phil Knisely ~ Tami and Rich  Speer

Coastal Pediatric Dentistry, LLC


  • BAROQUE ~ $500

Opal and Hans Abbink ~ Classic Consignments ~Karen and Buck Edwards ~  ~ Anne and Scott Middleton ~ Oak Advisors ~ Palmetto Electric Cooperative ~ Peggy and Harold Straut ~

Carmen and Bernie Traywick ~ Jennie and John Zmarzly

Classic Consignments logo

  • ROMANTIC ~ $250

Mary Dunn-Wyatt ~ Debra and Kevin Fellinger ~ Jane and Hart Joseph ~ Outpatient Surgery Center of Hilton Head ~ Lynn Parrott Studio


  • FRIENDS OF ISCA ~ $100

Coastal States Bank ~ Nancy and Bill Eiseman ~ Connie and Jerry Voight ~ Arla Wible

ISCA would like to thank the following Arts organizations for their generous Arts Packages donated to our 2016 Silent Auction!


The proceeds from our annual  fundraiser continue to enrich the community with our ISCA programs, events and initiatives. The 33rd An Evening of the Arts funded:

ISCA Artist-in-Residency Program:

  • January 2015, Martha Graham field trip performance: funded 80 students
  • January 2015, Martha Graham Master Class: funded 15 ISCA Rising Stars
  • September 2015, Artist, Jeff Boshart: 115 HHCA and HEMMS students
  • September 2015, Artist, Dave Teng Olsen: 181 HHIESCA students
  • October- December 2015, 2015 Public Art Exhibition Guided Field Trips 650 BlHS, HEMMS, HHIE, and HHIESCA students
  • January 2016, Paul Taylor Master Class: funded 21 ISCA Rising Stars
  • January 2016, Taylor 2 field trip performance: 22 HHCA students
  • March 2016, Becoming Harriet Tubman, Natalie Daise: 1300 HHIHS students

ISCA Rising Stars Talent Competition and Scholarship Program:

  • $500 awarded to Senior Division 1st place: musical group The Wise Fools
  • $400 awarded to Senior Division 2nd place: vocal soloist Shannon Hegarty
  • $300 awarded to Senior Division 3rd place: musical group Native
  • $200 awarded to Senior Division 4th place: classical dancer Katie Maurer
  • $100 awarded to Senior Division Star to Watch: piano soloist Mario Magnan
  • $250 awarded to Junior Division 1st place: piano solist Harrison Luba
  • $150 awarded to Junior Division 2nd Place: vocal solist Harrison Leahy
  • $100 awarded to Junior Division 3rd Place: Musical Theatre Act: Olivia Shamlou
  • $50 awarded to Junior Division Star to Watch: Fiddle player Amelie Ratliff

Scholarships awarded: Broadway Dreams Foundation NYC Intensive: Michael Tassone, Junior Jazz Foundation Summer Jazz Camp: Amelie Ratliff, Arts Center of Coastal Carolina “Take the Stage” Camp: Rachel Stratton, Piccolo Spoleto Rising Stars: Mario Magnan

ISCA Schools Grant Program:

  • $575 “The Memory Project” multi school collaboration. 115 students from BlHS, HHCA, HHIHS, and HHPrep viewed “He Named Me Malala”
  • $500 “Backdrop Design” HHPrep Kathryn Ramseur-Riley and Jim Fritz
  • $740 Darkroom” HHIHS teacher Patricia Schoelkopf-Lewis

ISCA Promising Picassos Student Art Exhibition Program:

  • November 2014 -January 2015 Promising Picassos featured the BLHS and HHIHS Emerging Artists Exhibition
  • February-March 2015 Promising Picassos Exhibit features 80 artists from BlHS, MCRE, HHCA, Heritage Academy, HHIE, HHIHS, HHPrep, RCE
  • October-December 2015 “Public Art Exhibition” featuring photos and persuasive letters from BlHS and HHIESCA students
  • February-March 2016 Promising Picassos Exhibition features 80 artists from BlHS, Cross Schools, HEMMS, Heritage Academy, HHCA, HHIESCA, HHIHS, HHPrep
  • March 2016 Promising Picassos Student Art Pop-Up Gallery at EviCore in Bluffton premiere of year long exhibition at 3 month intervals

      ISCA Student Scholarship Program:

  • $1000 awarded to HHIHS senior, Chase Sanders for Visual Art.
  • $1000 awarded to HHIHS senior, Weston Sanders for Visual Art.
  • $1000 awarded to HHIHS senior, Eric Magnin for Music Performance.
  • $1000 awarded to HHIHS senior, Nicolas Yurco for Music Composition
  • $1000 awarded to HHCA senior, Lily Strickland for Photography
  • $1000 awarded to HHCA senior, Grayson Lentz for Music Performance
 Thank you to our 2015 ISCA SPONSORS 


Impressionist – $2,500


Modern – $1,000

  • Robert and Katherine Eberly, Jr.
  • Coastal Pediatric Dentistry
  • Hilton Head ENT & Sinus Center
  • McNair Law Firm

Baroque – $500

  • Hans and Opal Abbink
  • Robert Eberly, III/ Merrill Lynch
  • Buck and Karen Edwards
  • Chris and Lara Garniewicz
  • Mr. and Mrs. Martin Gleason
  • Phil and Patti Kniseley
  • Dr. Stephen and Debbie Luther
  • Palmetto Electric Cooperative
  • Rich and Tami Speer
  • Harold and Peggy Straut

Romantic – $250

  • Mary Dunn-Wyatt
  • Kevin and Debra Fellinger
  • Metabolic Medical Center
  • Oak Advisors
  • Outpatient Surgery Center of Hilton Head
  • Jerry and Connie Voight
  • John and Jenny Zmarzly

Friends of ISCA-$100

  • Continuum Medical Staffing
  • Bill and Nancy Eisenman
  • Hart and Jane Joseph
  • Lynn Parrot Studio
  • Juliann Bluitt Foster
  • Janice Creech

With your support our  fundraiser continues to enrich the community. The money from An Evening of the Arts goes directly into the ISCA arts programs

created to benefit the public, private, and home-schooled students of southern Beaufort County.

Proceeds from the 32nd An Evening of the Arts held in 2014 funded:

ISCA Scholarship Program:

  • $1000 was awarded to HHPrep Senior, Taylor Kent for vocal music and songwriting.
  • $750 was awarded to HHIHS Valedictorian, Carolanne O’Fee for Fashion Design.
  • $750 was awarded to Heritage Academy Senior, DJ Green for Dance and Arts Management.
  • $500 was awarded to HHIHS Senior, Haley Matousek for Visual Art.
  • $500 was awarded to HHIHS Senior, Mariel Zmarzly for Vocal Performance.
  • $250 was awarded to BlHS Senior, Victoria Branagan for Visual Art.
  • $250 was awarded to HHCA Senior, Chloe Strickland for Visual Art and Fashion Design.
  • $250 was awarded to HHIHS Senior, Clarissa Walls for Visual Art.
  • $250 was awarded to HHIHS Senior, Emma Walls for Visual Art.

ISCA Rising Stars Program:

  • 2015 ISCA Rising Stars, talent competition at the Arts Center. 135 students, 224 patrons, and 615 followers.
  • 1st Place Sr. “Wounded Animal”, $500 was awarded to lyrical dance soloist, DJ Green.
  • 2nd Place Sr.Screw Loose, 400 was awarded to vocal soloist, Mariel Zmarzly.
  • 3rd Place Sr. “Lunar Pond”, $300 was awarded to ballet soloist, Katie Maurer.
  • 4th place Sr. “Long Road”, $200 was awarded to jazz dance soloist, Sammee Schirmer.
  • Star to Watch Sr. “The TabFinders”, $100 was awarded to drum soloist, Andrew Mooney.
  • 1st Place Jr. “All of Me”, $250 was awarded to piano soloist, Harrison Luba**Piccolo Spoleto Rising Stars
  • 2nd Place Jr. “Three Duets”, $150 was awarded to violin/cello duo, Kendall and Kearston Gonzales**Piccolo Spoleto
  • 3rd Place Jr. “Don’t Rain on My Parade”, $100 was awarded to vocal soloist, Gabriella Deir.
  • Star to Watch Jr. “Oliver”, $50 was awarded to vocal soloist, Harrison Leahy ** Attended the BDF NY Intensive and booked the International Tour of Beauty and the Beast.
  • Broadway Dreams Foundation presented a scholarship to 2014 Star to Watch, Elliott Lentz
  • 15 ISCA Rising Stars, attended the Martha Graham, 90-minute Master dance class, $375.
  • ISCA Rising Stars perform for 214 patrons at the 32nd An Evening of the Arts.

  ISCA Promising Picassos Student Art Exhibition Program:

  • February 9-April 19, 2015 featured 80 works of art created by 3rd -12th grade students attending BlHS, Heritage Academy, HHCA, HHPrep, HHIES HHIESCA, HHIHS, and MCRES. $600 in awards/reception and over 850 in attendance
  • November 8, 2014 – January 8, 2015 is a collaborative effort with the USCB Emerging Artists Competition featuring the Bluffton and Hilton Head Island High School competition winners, $250
  • Year-round Promising Picassos Student Art Pop-up Gallery in Starbucks at Pineland Station

ISCA School Grants Program:

  • $500 was allocated for “Summer Theatre Program”, HHIHS teacher, Harry Culpepper.
  • $546 was funded for 78 HHCA, HHPrep, and HSN students to attend the Martha Graham performance.
  • $464 was awarded to “Visual Arts Set Design”, HHPrep teachers, Kathryn Ramseur-Riley and Jim Fritz.
  • $810 was awarded to “Building the Darkroom” HHIS teacher, Patty Schoelkopf-Lewis.



The arts define who we are, provide connections across the curriculum allowing children to achieve, and serve as a catalyst to reach across cultural, economic, and racial barriers without prejudice.

-Patti Maurer, ISCA Executive Director

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